Recent work - AKSHARA MALA
Recent work - AKSHARA MALABy

The Artist to C.E. Ajith Kumar on AKSHARAMALA
I find a great transformation in the Artist through your AKSHARAMALA series of works. What do you mean? How did you arrive at this?

If you call it a transformation, I would not disagree. But I would rather term it a kind of evolution. Not that I have left behind all I had been exploring till now – the world of plants, the world of music, the world of everything that mankind love to be with. This is rather an ideological change taken an abstract form. See, an artist the world over, as a philosopher did, tried hitherto to interpret what nature created. He absorbs their innate and sublime visual output and reinvents them on his canvass. Now, I attempt to look at what man himself created. There are only a few he can claim about. Letters and numbers are great creations of man; though, even these imbibed their character and form, after a great deal of imitations of something that the Supreme Nature created and bestowed upon him. I adopted mainly the Malayalam and English alphabets and the Arabic numbers for my task. The letters of a language has a gentle touch of that Supreme Power, and when they are blended themselves into a word it transpires a great lot of images, visual cross-sections of nature. I feel it. I adore it.

Venue: Durbar Hall Art Center, Kochi
1st November to 14th November, 2009.